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19th December 2011

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A typhoon has struck the Philippines again. Please help the victims of typhoon Sendong!

  • Death toll have been raised to 600 and 200 bodies are still missing. Official says that there are no more chances that the 200 missing is still alive.
  • Flash floods with mud have covered Cagayan de Oro during 11:00pm to 1:00 when people are still sound asleep.
  • Some died while sleeping. They didn’t even get a chance to save their own lives
  • They are really in need of WATER, FOOD, HYGIENE KITS.
  • Almost 12,000+ are to spend Christmas in Evacuation Centers without any food to share for their Noche Buena. They even lack for water to Drink.

Our government are asking everyone for donations. It would mean the world to us! 

It would be a lot help. Our fellow Filipinos have nowhere to start, no food, no water, no shelter. And they had to cope with the death of their loved ones. Please help. A cent when put together does help a lot! REBLOGGING THIS COULD ACTUALLY DO A LOT!

If you consider donating. Please click the donate button on my sidebar. Thank you so much!

This guy from my church… This WHOLE family drowned. </3  Rest in Paradise.

I’m going to help as soon as I can.

Please my fellow Filipinos and maybe a few concerned others,

please help.


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